Questions and aswers

1. How can I sign to CPS Cafeteria?

First you need to contact us to get the signing form or you can visit us and fill out it here. Second thing is signed person’s photo. You can send it to us via email or we can make it in the CPS Cafeteria. And the last one is PRE PAID lunch card – we will print it for you.

Attention: Students grade PK – 2 do not need to have any lunch cards printed.

2. What for I need lunch card? What should I do if I will lose it?

You need your lunch card to use your CPS account, you will be asked to show your lunch card at the cash register. If you lost your card please contact us immediately, we will make a duplicate for you. Lunch card duplicate will cost 20 PLN.

3. How can I log in to the CPS Cafeteria Internet panel?

To log in you need your User name and a password. User name should be given with the confirmation that you have signed to CPS Cafeteria. If you don’t know it please contact us. On the first logging you just leave the password blank. Later on you will be able to create your own password – at least 5 characters.

4. I have lost my password to internet panel, how can I get it back?

Please contact us, we will set a new password for you.

5. How can I choose menu for my child?

Students grade PK–2 do not choose themselves what they would like to eat for lunch. Parents and guardians are requested to fill out the menu form available via CPS main website after logging in to your School. The printed version is available in the CPS cafeteria.

Attention: Please be advised, that our cooks need some time to prepare well meals for your children and therefore it may happen that we will not be able to take into consideration the menu delivered after 9.30 am on the day of the lunch.

6. I keep receiving notices about overdraw, how I can stop this?

Notifications will cease at the time of settlement. The payment may be done in cash at one of the four cash registers in the CPS Cafeteria or via bank transfer:

Account NumberASW42 1090 1043 0000 0001 0965 2969
Szkoła im J.Gutenberga26 1090 1694 0000 0001 1968 8188
Szkoła Lotników03 1090 1043 0000 0001 2250 5783
Szkoła Przymierza Rodzin38 1090 1753 0000 0001 3478 8766
BeneficiaryCPS Catering Sp. z o.o. Sp. Komandytowa
TitleFill in Your Unique User Number

There is no initial amount to be paid, as you yourselves know the best what the needs of your children are.

Attention: Payments without a proper ID number in the title of the payment, or with an incorrect ID number, will be returned to the sender as unidentifiable, unless CPS can settle the incorrect payment with the Client.

7. I think there is some mistake on my child’s CPS Cafeteria account, what I can do with it?

Please contact us by email using e-mail address for your School (to be found below and on our main corporate web page) and describe in details what may be the problem.

Email addresses dedicated to our Schools: